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Tips for shooting Christmas lights!

Christmas Table
Lighting is the key to better Christmas pictures

The holiday's are right around the corner! #Family will be coming and you want to make sure you can get the best pictures possible right? So break out your #camera and use a few of these tips for great images for you to cherish in the years to come. First lets talk about lighting. #Lighting is always difficult because your camera sensor really has no idea what it wants or needs to do with all those different color lights!

The key here is don't use your flash and get your settings into a creative zone. Using the AV setting on your cannon camera will allow you to set the parameters for your shot. If you remember in past posts, the AV setting lets you set your Aperture and the camera will set the proper shutter speed. Shut off your flash. Set your Aperture to about 5.6. Bump up your ISO until you can get a shutter speed equal to your distance. So if you are at 50mm then you want your shutter speed to be at least F/50.

Remember as you increase shutter speed you increase noise so try and make sure you stay within reason. Stop down your exposure starting by a decrease of 1/3 of a stop. See if that allows your shot. If not decrease by another 1/3. By decreasing the exposure it will help you get a good shutter speed and it will help you to get a more realistic picture of your Christmas tree or outdoor lights. Keep making minor adjustments until you find the setting that works best for your camera. You want the overall image to have a nice soft feel to it. By moving around these three adjustments on your camera you will be able to get a nice evening look. This applies to shooting candles, trees and outdoor lights. Do some experimenting! You can also get softer looks by waiting to twilight when it is not so dark. You may also want to try using a tripod. It will allow you to shoot at lower speeds without blur. Feel free to post your #Christmas pictures or email me if you have any questions! Looking forward to another amazing and beautiful Christmas #season.

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