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Natural Light Photography Workshop

We are gearing up for our spring workshops! Learn hands on with me by your side how to use natural light to give you the best portraits or family pictures. These workshops are open to photographers, hobbyist or anyone wanting to learn how to maximize outdoor

Red head portrait
Natural Light Photography with no flash or external lighting

light. No flash or studio gear is necessary to take amazing outdoor pictures. I am a hands on learner and I believe most people are. This will not be a power point class. We will be walking around in an outdoor setting learning how to choose light, how to best set up our camera for natural light and where and when to shoot. The workshops are limited to 10 people so I can work individually with each student.

Learn how to keep shadows off of faces

Learn how to use your creative settings

Learn how to choose the right light no matter where you are

Learn how to position your subject for the best light

Learn how your ISO, SHUTTER SPEED and APERTURE work together

And much more!

To learn more about the workshops visit

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