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are you chasing customers away?

With today's ease of cell phones, we are all tempted to snap that photo and post it on Facebook. But are you really attracting customers?

What is your Story?

"I have worked hard to build my business, I always want it to be seen in the most professional way possible -- Jenny

Telling your story through #productphotography

Facebook and various social media outlets are great places to showcase your product and service. But how you present that product can draw future customers or it can chase them away. As a photographer it is my job to tell the story of you and your business in a visual way. I don't get hired because I have expensive gear. I am commissioned by business owners because they are confident in my skill to showcase their business.

Photographers are artist. We make a living seeing things that others don't and presenting it in a picture. It is our gift. When you hire a professional photographer to photograph your product or service your hiring an artist to present your products in a way that you may not think of. It is more than snapping a picture of your product.

Why should you use a #Professionalphotographer?

Because it is what we do! Some photographers specialize in Weddings, Senior Portraits or Newborns. As commercial photographers we specialize in crafting images that will attract new business and showcase your new products to existing clients.

The value of an Image

Big companies spend millions per year hiring professional photographers to shoot their products for advertising purposes because they know a good image speaks volumes. They know they have a short moment in time to draw in the reader. They do that with a picture. When you look through a magazine what draws your attention? The pictures! You may not be the size of a large corporation, but you can present your business the same way.

Let's take a look at the example below. The google image below was presented on a Facebook page advertising their special for the evening. Below it is a professional image by #darleenpremphotography taken for a local eatery. If the image above came up on your news feed, would you feel inclined to go eat on a spur of the moment? However the image below may make a reader say to themselves, hmmmmm that looks good, I think I would like that tonight! It is all about presentation to our client and standing out above the rest.

Whether it is food, a hair salon or real estate, professional photography can and will make any business stand out among the rest. To learn more about how we can help you present a visual concept of your business hit us up for a free consultation

Professional Image by Darleen Prem Photography

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