Headshot tips for men

Professional Headshot Tips for Men - A great #Professionalheadshot takes both a good photographer and a prepared client. Whether you are a #Realtor #Attorney #CorporateExecutive everyone needs a great #headshot. Guys, your pretty easy but here are a few things to keep in mind before you show up. Fresh shave! Always make sure to shave the morning of your shoot, unless you break out, then shave the night before. Make sure your clothes are ironed and hung up. Have a fresh haircu


Starting at $150.00. Everthing you need to know about our headshots. "Your headshot is often the first thing someone will run across on the internet. Make it count." -- Billy Jackson, CEO 1. Headshot pricing starts at $150.00 We recognize that everyone has a different need for a headshot. It may be something simple for your business card, social media or corporation. Some may need more of an editorial #headshot such as an author or a business person in a specific field. We ha

be you! five tips for a better headshot

what is your image? Funny, serious or just plain hate the camera? Here are some tips for making your #headshot more comfortable. So you just received the email. Your company is updating their webpage and they want a #headshot of you! If your a woman like me the first thing that comes to your mind is NO! I still have 20 pounds to lose. And if your a guy, you roll your eyes and sink into your chair. “I've always hated having my picture taken.” Sound familiar? just relax Getting