Headshot tips for men

Professional Headshot Tips for Men - A great #Professionalheadshot takes both a good photographer and a prepared client. Whether you are a #Realtor #Attorney #CorporateExecutive everyone needs a great #headshot. Guys, your pretty easy but here are a few things to keep in mind before you show up. Fresh shave! Always make sure to shave the morning of your shoot, unless you break out, then shave the night before. Make sure your clothes are ironed and hung up. Have a fresh haircu

Tips for Sunrise Photography

Everyone loves a great sunrise image. Below are some tips to better images if your an early bird who loves to get out there in the morning for some great images. If you love getting up early in the morning then learning to capture the beauty of the moment will leave you with some great images to print and share. So what makes a great sunrise image? The answer to that is a broad one, but to start is arriving at the right time. The best time to capture the light at sunrise is a

Lighting 101: Dramatic Effects

One of my favorite lighting set ups is for Black & White Photography. You can use the same set up for color but I happen to be a fan of B&W images. Learning to see light will help you to be a better photographer. What do I mean by see light? When your client is in front of you how you light them will determine several things. One of those is the effect you want to have on your subject. Do you want the light to be flat or dramatic? Do you want to light the whole subject or ju