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How to use natural light to capture your image!

In our upcoming workshop "Using natural light" we will teach you how to create stunning images with your camera and a flash.

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Using natural light and telling a story

"We all have a story to tell about our business, a professional photographer can tell my story with pictures. Stock photography tells someone else's story." --- John B.

Using natural light is easier than you think. Here are some common questions.

1. Do I need studio lighting to shoot a family portrait outdoors?

The answer to this is two fold. Depending on what you are shooting and where, studio lighting might be necessary. Since we focus much of our business on #commercialphotography we do use our lighting outdoors because natural light and location don't always work. However, if you are shooting your family or a client #portrait you can use your #speedlight to assist you.

2. Where is the best place to shoot outdoors?  Anywhere! Depending on the time of day you are shooting will determine your location. If possible avoid the high sun hours of noon to avoid the ugly shadows that will pop up on the faces of your subject. Pick a location that offers you clean steady shaded light. I always prefer dusk hours because of the background lighting it offers.

3. Do I need a flash outdoors? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on where the sun is. In our #photographyworkshop we will be teaching you how to photograph your clients or family both using a flash and using camera settings in lieu of.  If you are just getting started in photography this workshop will teach you how to work with what you already have.

4. What did you use for the image in the above picture? ​

We planned this shoot early in the morning when the light was to our side. It allowed enough natural light to evenly light my subjects. My ISO was 400 F/5.6 1/125 with a small amount of fill flash. There was no reason to drag along a bunch of lighting gear. I just plan accordingly to utilize the natural light. You can't always get to choose your time of day but if you can, go visit your shooting site before hand. We will be teaching you about scouting out areas in our #photographyworkshop.  

For more information on upcoming workshops stay tuned to our announcements are coming soon! Workshops will begin this fall and will have limited seating.

#photographyworkshops @darleenpremphotography

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